Udder Plus Drops
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Udder Plus Drops


For udder health

The udder and teats are vulnerable to external trauma or injury because of their anatomical location, increase in size of udder and teats during lactation, faulty methods of milking, repeated trauma to the teat mucosa, injury by teeth of calves, accidentally stepping on teat, paralysis resulting from metabolic disturbances at parturition. Udder care and hygiene in cattle is important in milking, aiding uninterrupted and untainted milk production, and preventing mastitis.

Bakson’s Udder Plus Drops is a unique combination of well-proven Homoeopathic medicines that helps enhance the teat health in animals. It can be used to improve shape, size of udder and to boost healthy milk production. It is perfectly safe and gentle treatment choice for your animals.

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COMPOSITION: Ricinus communis 30, Urtica urens 30, Chimaphila umbellata 6, Sabal serrulata 6, Onosmodium virginianum 30.

INDICATIONS: Helps improve size & shape of udder & increase milk production.

DOSAGE: 15-20 drops 3 times a day.

Course– To be given for 3-5 days or as per the severity of conditions.

You may repeat the course if required.


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