we care about your pet !

#Your pet deserves more care!

Bakson Veterinary unearths healing principles behind homoeopathic medicinal science directing them toward formulating medicinal and grooming range for your Fur babies.

Bakson Veterinary is derived from 79 years of clinical research behind Bakson’s Homoeopathy. Bakson Veterinary is started by Dr. Satinder Pal Singh, who is known for his dedication and zeal to spread Homoeopathy as a scientific, alternative, effective, and viable system of medicine worldwide, and his Daughter Dr. Tamanna Bakshi.

Since homoeopathy cooperates with your pet’s natural immune system and is effective for both prevention and treatment, Bakson veterinary ensures that your pets get treated safely and effectively.

Meet our Team

Dr. Tamanna Bakshi

Founder / MD

As a pet owner, I noticed a significant amount of misinformation and unsafe products being sold in the market for pets. Many of these products contain harmful chemicals that could harm pets’ skin. Additionally, conventional allopathic medications for pets often have negative side effects on their organs. 

In response to this, I started a new division offering safe and effective pet care through homoeopathic medicines and shampoos. Our products are safe and do not have any adverse effects.


As they say, a happy healthy pet makes a happy home.

Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi

CMD Bakson Group

Dr. Satinder Pal Singh Bakshi is known for his dedication and love for animal welfare and zeal to spread Homoeopathy as a scientific, alternative, effective, and viable system of medicine worldwide. At the age of 39, he became The President of The Central Council Of Homoeopathy (Govt. of India) and served for the growth and elevation of homoeopathy education for 18 years. 

We started Bakson Homoeopathy with the vision of bringing the goodness of homoeopathy with the complete benefits of this promising science to the millions. Bakson conglomerate is successfully manning four divisions under its umbrella. Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. manufactures quality homoeopathic products, Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College provides a comprehensive education in the field of homoeopathy at both graduate and postgraduate levels and Bakson’s Chain of over 25 Homoeopathy Clinics has spread all over India to extend effective homoeopathic treatment to the masses. Sunny Herbals is a Personal Care Brand that uses the goodness of healing herbs for your well-being.