Heat Aid Drops
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Heat Aid Drops


Animals are more prone to heat stress than humans. Heat stroke is a form of non-fever hyperthermia that occurs when heat-dissipating mechanisms of the body cannot accommodate excessive external heat which causes an increase in body temperature and raises a physiological response. It leads to deteriorated living conditions, reduced quality of life, and in extreme cases, death of affected animals.

Some of the signs and symptoms of heat stress in affected animals include reduced feed intake, reduced weight gain, poor breeding, lower milk production, decreased immunity, and even changes in behavior, death can result consequently.

Bakson’s Heat Aid Drops is a unique combination of well-proven Homoeopathic medicines that helps in relieving the symptoms of heat sensitivity in animals.

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SKU: FGVD100034 Categories: , Tag:


Composition: Natrum muriaticum 8x, Glonoinum 3x, Natrum  carbonicum 8x, Aconitum napellus 3x, Arsenicum album 8x.

Indications: Helps relieve the symptoms of Heat stress in animals like panting, profuse sweating & salivation, increased respiration rate, elevated body temperature & reduced feed intake.

Dosage: 15-20 drops 3 times a day.

Course– To be given for 3-5 days or as per the severity of conditions.

You may repeat the course if required.

Presentation: 30ml

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Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

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  1. Chayanika Medhi (verified owner)

    It works wonder for my kid, very very satisfied with the product, please go for homeopathy

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