Derm Aid Drops + Calendula Ointment + Sept Aid Spray
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Derm Aid Drops + Calendula Ointment + Sept Aid Spray

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Description: Indulge your beloved pets in the soothing and nourishing care of the skin combo featuring Bakson Veterinary Derm Aid Drops and Calendula Ointment. Crafted with the goodness of herbal homeopathy, this dynamic duo provides gentle yet effective relief for various skin conditions. Administer the Derm Aid Drops to your pet, and watch as the herbal blend works internally to alleviate skin irritations, itching, and inflammation. These drops promote healthy skin and a glossy coat, ensuring your pet looks and feel their best. Complementing this, the Calendula Ointment, enriched with the healing properties of calendula, soothes and moisturizes dry, cracked skin, aiding in the healing of minor wounds and abrasions. The ointment forms a protective barrier, preventing further skin irritations and encouraging a speedy recovery. Embrace this natural and holistic approach to pet skincare, giving your furry companions the care they deserve, and witness their joy as they thrive with healthy and happy skin.

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SKU: FGMS100061 Categories: ,


Derm Aid Drops: Apis mellifica 30x, Arsenicum album 30x, Rhus. Toxicodendron 30x, Urtica urens 30x.
Calendula Ointment: Calendula officinalis.

Indication: For skin rashes, hotspots, inflammations, redness, Eczema, skin allergies, parasitic infection, fungal infection, etc.

Derm Aid Drops: For Small Animals: 10-15 drops 3 times a day.

For Large Animals: 15-20 drops 3 times a day. Or as directed by the Veterinarian.

Calendula Ointment: Clean the area with lukewarm water, apply the cream liberally to the affected area, and massage lightly, or as directed by the Veterinarian. Apply externally twice daily to properly cleansed & dried the affected portion.

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